Coffee Stop of the Year 2014 Finalist: MySweetopia

Treat yourself on after ride sweets till your heart (and stomach) is content…

The home-baked goods are the stars of this small Brisbane cafe. The fruit and nut toast that is served heavy with cinnamon and dried fruits and nuts has become a MySweetopia signature. ‘But there is something else that gets the riders pouring in. One day as a treat we drew a bike on a cyclist’s coffee with chocolate syrup, and slowly more and more customers started requesting their coffees with bikes drawn on them,’ says owner Irene Lee. ‘Now our customers ask for names, bikes, special messages and pictures drawn on their coffees on a daily basis.’

What its customers say…

‘No one froths almond milk like Irene and Marina. Bronte always has a smile, the team are always supporting local charities, squads and businesses’ – Leanne Storey

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