Pryde begins CHAPTER2 with all-new TERE

If you’ve never heard of CHAPTER2, you’re not alone. Prior to testing this fledgling b…

If you’ve never heard of CHAPTER2, you’re not alone. Prior to testing this fledgling brand from Auckland, I hadn’t either. The Tere is light, fast, attractive and affordable and if CHAPTER2 produces more bikes like this one, it will become immensely popular.

Words: Jack Lynch

Photographer: Tim Bardsley-Smith

CHAPTER2 was founded by Mike Pryde (son of Neil Pryde) who left his father’s company after it was sold in 2015. Pryde worked for Neil Pryde Limited since 2004 and headed up the bicycle division since its 2010 release. Needless to say, he has plenty of experience designing and engineering high-end carbon bicycles and has brought some fresh ideas to his company.

The Tere is designed for the everyday rider who still wants to experience a premium, race-like product. Compared with thoroughbred race bikes, it has a relatively tall head tube (153mm for a medium size) and a longish wheelbase which translates to comfort and stability on the road.

I was extremely impressed with the Tere. First off, it’s understated but creative paint scheme drew plenty of complements from the bunch (always a plus) but more importantly, the Tere’s acceleration left me speechless. Its low weight and aero properties are noticeable when sprinting or powering up climbs – a characteristic which willed me on to sprint a little harder and climb a little faster.

Apart from outstanding ride quality, CHAPTER2 is differentiating itself with an interesting paint plan. Instead of releasing one frame design every couple of years, CHAPTER2 plans to unveil ‘collections’, whereby each collection’s graphics are only released once and when all frames are sold out, a new design takes its place. This model has been successful in the fashion industry, creating an interesting narrative and engaged brand fans.

Breaking into the crowded bicycle market is an almost insurmountable challenge, but Mike Pryde’s latest project has all the elements to become a big player in the industry.


Frameset inclusions: $2,695 + Shipping (rim brake), $2,849 (disc brake)
Frame: Toray® T700, T800 & 3K Directional Carbon, 950g (Rim) & 1015g (Disc) Size M +/- 3%
Fork: XS, S (53mm offset) and M, L, XL (43mm offset), 390g (Rim) & 425g (Disc) Uncut +/- 3%
C2 fork expansion bolt
FSA headset
Headset spacer kit

Frame sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL

Head to CHAPTER2 for full details including online ordering.

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