Preview: Cervelo S5

Out-of-the-box speed

The Cervelo S5 is undeniably one of the benchmarks of the industry when comparing the aerodynamic advantages of road bikes and now it’s set to raise the bar even higher, according to Canadian company. How a competitor’s bike stacks up against the S5 has long been considered a marker for performance but that seems to have done little to thwart the intention of Cervelo going one better.


The latest S5 is designed to give its user every bit of air-cutting equipment possible – straight out of the box. The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 model comes equipped with an all-new Cervelo-designed aero handlebar and a pair of HED Jet 6 Plus SCT wheels along with a host of ride handling improvements to provide Cervelo claims to be a 21.3 watt saving over it’s classic S5 VWD. That’s quite a feat given the success of the current generation of S-series models.


According to Cervelo they’ve delivered all the performance benefits of an aerodynamic bike that is just as stiff and handles like a modern road bike. Is it all they claim it to be? We’ll be putting one to the test very soon.

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