Cannondale SuperX: Adventurous and versatile

The Cannondale SuperX Force 1 SE is the multi-purpose adventure bike that finds its home a…

The Cannondale SuperX Force 1 SE is the multi-purpose adventure bike that finds its home anywhere you wish.

If I was handed an unpainted Cannondale’s SuperX and was asked to describe the colour I felt after a quick bash on the dirt, there’s no doubt I’d pick the playful, vibrant and exciting sunburnt orange it has been appropriately dressed in. This bike is as fun as it looks and performs as well as any gravel bike on the market.

The SuperX combines the elements Cannondale is famous for. It’s lightweight, reliable and unique, but its versatility is where this bike comes into its own. Capable of racing CX, spending long days grinding gravel or even acting as a super commuter, Cannondale guarantees the owner will find a suitable use for their bike. The SuperX is not like your TT bike in the shed which is steadily gathering dust or the enduro bike under the house, it’s a package that can be used multiple times a week for a range of purposes, making it a high-priority buy.

Unlike Cannondale products in the past, the SuperX follows recent trends in its component selection. There are no off the wall innovations (Slate, anyone?) or major tweaks to its 2016 iteration.

I had complete faith in the SuperX in all conditions. From its first ride around the block, to hitting rocky single track on tired legs, I never felt off-balance or overwhelmed by the uneven terrain ahead of me.

It is lightweight (this 54cm model came in at around 8.5kg) and handles well in all conditions. I am a huge fan of the simplicity 1x set-ups bring and SRAM’s 11-42t cassette could climb up steep fire roads as well as power through the flats.

Most impressive with the SuperX is its versatility. Its comfortable frame is accompanied by effortless speed more akin to road bikes but its ruggedness fills the rider with confidence as it tackles a range environments.

The SuperX is spec’d with premium components and rides the way your friends have always described Cannondales. It looks great and is a welcome addition to any cyclist’s shed.

The spec

Model: Cannondale SuperX Force 1 SE

Groupset: SRAM Force 1x

Deivations: Cannondale HollowGram Si crankset

Finishing kit: Cannondale C2 Compact handlebar, Cannondale C2 7050 Alloy stem, Fabric Scoop Shallow Elite saddle, Cannondale SAVE Carbon seatpost, Cannondale Grip Bar Tape w/Gel

Weight: 8.53kg (54cm)

Price: $5,299