Astir Bicycles Titan

One lucky person is about to embark on a custom titanium journey from Astir Bicycles. Here…

One lucky person is about to embark on a custom titanium journey from Astir Bicycles. Here’s what we thought of the race-ready Titan.

Before our Coffee Stop prize winner choses his Astir Bicycles package, here’s a snippet of what’s on offer with the Titan.

Having worked as an engineer for over 10 years and grown up loving riding and racing on the road, James Moros came to the realisation there just wasn’t anything on the market he wanted to ride anymore.


He sought something a little different: a ride that people who pull alongside immediately want to chat about. And so, he did what many talk about but rarely action – he built his own, out of titanium.


For anyone with a small amount of knowledge around frame construction, building a titanium frame is no simple task. It’s one of the most enduring materials you can use but it’s a finicky little so and so during the fabrication process. It’s for the pros only. Moros just so happens to be one of those guys.


‘I couldn’t see a lot of titanium frames on the road so one day I said “I’ve had enough, I’m going to build my own,”’ Moros told Cyclist. ‘I was out riding one day on my new frame and another rider came alongside to compliment me on the bike. We got talking and he asked, “Can you make me one?” That was the beginning for Astir and realising I could turn a passion into making a living. If you truly love something like I do with my bikes, it makes the biggest difference. That’s what drives me.’


The Titan we tested ‘is designed for strong, heavy riders; the kind of guy who loves cycling but struggle to find something to accommodate their weight,’ says Moros. However, he’s also found a niche in the 60-70kg bracket who want it as a winter training bike. The best bit is Moros will build it just how his customers want.

Astir currently offer five frame models with more in the pipeline. We likes what we saw with the Titan and were equally impressed with the ride. We can’t wait to see what Moros has in store for our Coffee Stop prize winner….

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