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  • Air max


    Air max

    It’s the universal measure of aerobic fitness that some riders wear like a badge of …

  • Tough nut to crack

    There are plenty of coconut-based nutrition products on the market. But does the coconut d…

  • Fluid dynamics

    Water is essential for life, but it’s not enough on its own for optimal performance …

  • Legends of the Fall

    The 2014 Tour de France saw a spate of crashes take out many of the race favourites.¬†Cycl…

  • Eat to the beet

    Eat to the beet

    We look at the performance-enhancing powers of the humble beetroot When Apollo, the Greek …

  • Drag acts

    Drag acts

    Slipstreaming the rider in front reduces drag, save energy and increases speed. Now it&#82…

  • Rise of the machines

    Rise of the machines

    Self-replicating printers creating tangible objects from computer screen drawings? It migh…

  • Are you faster when it rains?

    Are you faster when it rains?

    Wet conditions might be the last thing you want when you plan your ride, but if ultimate s…

  • Heat of the moment

    Heat of the moment

    If we believe what we are told, warming up and cooling down are as critical to cycling per…